Instead of the usual dinner and presents for V-day this year, Nicky and I set a goal for ourselves, we wanted a venue. We’ve known for quite a while where we would like to get married and had even visited the venue for a wine tasting in the Fall of 2018. We fell in love with Morais, the moment we stepped out of the car! After researching all we needed to know about the vineyard, we set a goal that we would have the venue secured for Valentine’s Day. Due to me being out of work with my broken leg, I had nothing but time to work on all things wedding. I contacted the venue because we initially had reached out about June 20, 2020 and the date had been taken so we picked May 23, 2020 instead. However, when I called to get a contract started the event coordinator let me know that June 20, 2020 was available again, PRAISE GOD!! We were so excited and spent our Valentine’s Day filling out all the necessary documents to finalize everything! And even though we decided not to get each other gifts or dinner…………………………………..we couldn’t help ourselves 🙂