On April 13, 2019, my Mom, Nicky’s mom, my Aunt Tammy and I traveled over to Reflections Bridal Pageant and Prom in Harrisonburg for my first appointment to find a dress. I went in just to simply try on dresses to see what style I really liked on myself so that at my next appointment I would be ready to commit to THE dress. However, God had other plans, I tried on several dresses prior to finding my dress and even took time to re-try all the dresses I liked back on before saying YES to the dress. It was just a feeling that I had whenever I saw myself in the dress and I knew that it was the dress for me. My mom, Nicky’s mom and my Aunt Tammy were also big fans so I knew after they approved that it was THE dress. I was even lucky enough to find my veil the same day and was able to see myself all “jacked-up” as they say on TLC. Finding my dream dress is a moment I will never forget and I can’t wait until my second fitting in November where I can see all the customizations finalized. Now, I must venture off to find my reception outfit!