Labor day weekend, we had the pleasure of having Kristi from Kellis Photography take our Engagement Photos. Nicky and I had known for quite a while that we wanted to take some of our photos at Orange County High School since that was where it all began but we didn’t want the entire session to focus on that. Kristi was such a big help and suggested Old Town Alexandria as a second option for pictures (LOVED IT). The fun part of all of this was that we needed access to the school during Labor day weekend (r.i.s.k.y.) and many of the contacts we had to give us this access weren’t going to be in town that weekend (reasonably so). As it was coming down to the wire, I decided to ask my old basketball Coach Rabe and he responded with no hesitation that he would help us to not only gain access but put our wedding date on the scoreboard bringing our ENTIRE vision to life! Thank you again, Coach Rabe!!

Important life tip!: Always keep in touch and treat everyone how you want to be treated because you never know who God may use to give you a helping hand.

For the session at the school, my Graphic Designer Fiance’ used his skill  to bring to life the cutest Save the Date shirts for us to wear. Although, he didn’t finish them until, hmmmmm I don’t know…….the day of haha, I had no doubt that they would be perfect! Nicky also picked out the color red for our formal photos and he delivered on that as well (we look great, lol). Also a special shoutout to my bestie/bridesmaid/make-up artist Harmony Johnson for slaying my face two days in a row with no inspiration on my part other than the color I was wearing, haha! If you’re in the area and need your face beat, I 10/10 recommend and you can connect with her on Instagram, her handle is @harmonyjohnsonn.

Kristi made Nicky and I’s love reflect in each photo that she took and she was such a pleasure to work with! 10/10 recommend her!! 🙂