At the bridal show I attended with my Mom and Nicky’s Mom, I was able to find a vendor close to the venue that I found a liking to for our wedding cake! After communicating my interest with them to Nicky, we went to their location in Warrenton, Virginia. When we arrived to Haute Cakes Pastry Shop, we were greeted by Megan and Marisa with a smile. Then we sat down to begin our tasting and the plates matched our wedding colors, we chuckled and let them know why we were so surprised since this had not been previously mentioned to them. After tasting all of the cakes, we picked our three and were able to check another item off of our list! Nicky was also able to pick out the flavor he wants for his Groom’s cake (apple, of course lol). We are so excited to see our wedding cake and have no doubt that it will surpass our expectation!